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Powered Grass Collector Servicing

At Easylife we know that it is vitally important for the health of any machine to be serviced at regular intervals. But, all machines need top be serviced properly competent trained service personnel.

At Easylife you can rest assured that your equipment is being looked after by some of the best people in the industry. Please see below the comprehensive servicing schedule that we carry out to make sure your machine stays in tip-top condition.

Full Service

  • Wash & clean machine
  • Check condition of bristles & brush stock shaft
  • Check sweeper shaft bearings
  • Check belts & tension as required
  • Lubricate as required
  • Check condition of hopper
  • General check over
  • Check & inspect all safety covers, guards & features (incl. safety switches
  • Run & final check
  • Test operation

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