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At Easylife our mantra is one of customer service as we want you to be customers of ours for a very long time. We know that we must earn your custom and we do this by providing unparalleled customer service coupled with a deep knowledge of our products and what they will and won’t do.  This professional advice is of great value and is not available from on-line retailers. We always think that it is best to “Get It right First Time” and that is what we offer. We want you to be delighted with your purchase and to return to us whenever you need anything else.


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Featured Product

Do you sometimes wish that your lawn could magically be cut without you having to go to any trouble at all. Just imagine being able to sit in the sunshine whilst the lawn is mowed perfectly and you haven’t had to lift a finger. No drama just a robotic mower that does all the work for you.
Once they have been programmed (a very simple task, so don’t be frightened away) these magical mowers can mow the lawn automatically.
They have sensors which allow them to avoid obstacles and they can even negotiate hilly lawns. When they have completed the task of mowing the lawn, or if the battery is running low, they will dutifully return to their docking station to recharge ready for their next outing.
These mowers not only mow the grass quietly and automatically, so you don’t need to be present, they also work fast so that they are not in your way and you can enjoy the lawn completely unhindered